Emanuel Gardaya Calso

programmer | systems administrator | network and telephony engineer

why, hello there.

Emanuel Gardaya Calso aka me, aka bloodpet is highly proficient with programming languages such as Perl, Python, PHP, C, C++,Java and Shell scripting.

sets up and administers various GNU/Linux boxes such as Slackware, Cent OS, Nitix, Trixbox, Ubuntu, Montavista & Debian with various applications such as Asterisk, LAMP, WSGI Applications and Kannel.

sets up, customizes and supports various SIP/IAX/analog setups of Asterisk installations.

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I don't wear bad glasses or suspenders and I don't glow in the dark.

I don't like pocket protectors and no, I don't know Edwin, Marty or Linda in the I.T. department at ebay although I'm certain they're pulling down great salaries...

I like caffeine.

I prefer to code in Perl or Python, not Visual Basic, and it's pronounced Li-nix, Leen-ooks or Line-ux. Whatever makes you happy.

I can proudly wear a t-shirt from another company and still look cool.

I believe in innovation, not obfuscation; peer review, not patent wars, and that the penguin is a cute but fearsome animal!

Geeks are the second best paid people in the world, first to be blamed for technical problems, and the only reason why civilization doesn't crumble around your ears!

My name is Eman, and I am a geek.

  • Systems (VOIP) Administrator and Systems Developer
    • Southern Telecommunications Company, Inc. (http://www.sotelco.com.ph/)
    • From Jul 2008 to present
      • installed Asterisk with Vicidial and Vtiger CRM for an Outbound/Inbound Call Center
      • responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting the whole system
  • Systems (VOIP) Administrator and Systems Developer
    • Green Source
    • From Jun 2008 to present
      • installed Asterisk with Vicidial for an Outbound/Inbound Call Center
      • responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting the whole system
  • Application and Systems Developer
    • Top-Networx (http://top-networx.com/)
    • From Jul 2007 to present
      • responsible for teaching Linux -- from the basics to functionalities such as routing, proxy, dns, mail, http and other services;
      • responsible for deployment of Asterisk/VOIP Systems;
      • responsible for developing custom AGI scripts using Perl;
      • responsible for the customization and maintenance of SBPA's;
      • involved in the development of an ERP-POS system with multi-language support
  • Application Developer
    • FOSSMART Pty Limited (http://www.fossmart.net/)
    • From Feb 2008 to May 2008
      • developed the web-interface for the FOSSWall Active Load Balancer
      • developed an appliance for a Load-Balancing, Firewall and Proxy Appliance
  • Application Developer
  • Lead Programmer
    • 8layer Technologies (http://8layertech.com/)
    • From 2006 Mar to May 2007
      • responsible for the development and maintenance of SBPA's
      • involved with Asterisk deployments
      • developed a CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration) system
  • Application Programmer
    • HB&A Research, Inc.
    • From 2006 Feb to 2006 Apr
      • developed a that accepts input from a PocketPC to create a report of the surveys made
  • Web Programmer / Maintainer
    • Realty Manila (http://realtymanila.com/)
    • From 2005 Sep to present
      • developed a real-estate showcase website from scratch
      • recommends methods to improve search engine ranking
  • Web Programmer
    • Octa-A Trading Philippines (http://www.octa-a.com/)
    • From 2005 May 30 to 2005 Jun 7
      • developed & integrated CMS using Perl & SSI
      • made "Contact Us" script using PHP
  • Web Programmer
    • BP International Shipping Corporation (http://www.bpships.com/)
    • 2005 From Apr 9 to 12
      • configured CMS (Coranto)
      • made "Contact Us" script using PHP
      • made "Application Form" program using Perl, MySQL, & PHP
  • Web & Applications Programmer
    • Mindworks E-Library for FEU-FERN basic ed. dept. (preview available upon request)
    • From 2004 Aug to 2004 Nov -- responsible for the functionality & security of the whole application.
  • Web & Applications Programmer
    • EAZIX Inc. (http://eazix.com/) Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
    • From 2004 May 31 to 2004 Jun 12
      • responsible for the web interface (including layout, coding & interaction with OS) for a video camera;
      • documented tests, coding procedure (for costumisation) and user instructions; and
      • assisted in the integration of the web application with the whole project
  • On the Job Trainee (Tester & Developer)
    • EAZIX Inc. (http://eazix.com/) Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
    • From 2004 Apr 21 to 2004 May 22
      • tested (including wiring, installation, kernel compiles, configuration, and documentation) network interfaces of a prototype camera device for speed and reliability; and
      • tested mass storage devices, and other peripheral devices.





Eman Calso



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